1up mod, finally finished, well till I think of something else to do lol

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20inch monitor installed, new joysticks with 6lb springs, octagonal gates, and bat tops. New usb encoders, al new LED buttons, USB port connection from my control deck back to my raspberry pi. Installed the stock light up deck protector, and was able to light that and the marquee using the stock power brick. Raspberry pi4 (8GB) Running off a 2TB External SSD drive. No microsd installed. For sound I replaced the two small 3inch stock speakers above the monitor with 4inch $20 speakers from micro center, 10inch subwoofer from a computer sound system. All being run off a head unit/amplifier with Bluetooth, line in, SD card reader and USB inputs. Image has around 25k games but they are quality. 621 ps1 games etc. the benefit of running off a SSD. Merry Christmas everyone!
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