2 Trains Drag Racing! Trains Line Up Side By Side & Race Across The Railroad Diamonds & Crossing!

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Long trains racing across the diamonds! 2 Norfolk Southern freight trains lined up just before the railroad diamonds and left at the same time after the flag was dropped. The race was on and see who wins. One train had 3 locomotives and the other train had 2. A grain train vs a double stack intermodal train in Ohio at the Iron Triangle in Fostoria. I had the flag in my pocket and I dropped it. I don't know where it went. Lol. It did look like a race though. Maybe they saw us railfans and decided to give us a show. It was pretty cool! Seeing all that freight moving side by side and banging across 4 railroad diamonds was really something to remember. That has to be one of my best catches ever. After that we see a huge CSX double stack intermodal train led by 4 locomotives, 2 of which were Burlington Northern Santa Fe. That train was wrapped almost all the way around us. I sped the video up and show it wrapped around the park with the caboose sitting in the middle. Filmed June 12, 2021. Thanks for watching! Please thumbs up and watch another JawTooth video to help my channel.

Tunnel With Train Disappearing Into It!

Hobo Shoestring Chance Meeting!

Exempt Railroad Crossing With Caboose On Train! Mason, Ohio, Tylersville Intersection!

Red Caboose On Freight Train & Weird Railroad Crossing, Rest Of Story!

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Man Carries Bike Across Moving Train!

Abandoned Railroad Coming Back To Life!

Most Dangerous Railroad Employee Action Ever!!

Jerk Flips Off Railfan!

Stupid Railfans Way Too Close To Fast Train!

Street Running Steam Train!
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