4 Trailered RACE CARS vs Tesla S! Grand National, Monza, Foxbody, El Camino!! Plus a Z06!! 7 Races!!

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April 28th, 2021 at Showtime Dragstrip (1/8 mile)

As usual, the Tesla is on the stock Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires (245/45 19”), while racing against the fastest full-bodied cars I could find.

Race #, ET, MPH, Reaction, 60-ft W/L
1: , , , L (by .09)
2: , , , W
3: , , , W
4: , , W
5: , , , W
6: , , , L (by .13)
7: , , (Pro Tree!), L (by .11)
[Started with 94% battery, ended at 80%]

Note: ET’s always exclude Reaction Times! The time from Green Light to the finish line is the total of RT + ET. ET is the time from actually crossing the Start Line to crossing the Finish Line, irrespective of the driver's reaction to the light.

All runs were in “Ludicrous” mode (none in “Ludicrous Plus”), and launch control / Cheetah Stance was not used. (For reasons explained below.)

Thanks to Alan (Z06 C7), Luis (Grand National), Jacob (El Camino) and all other drivers for these races!

Now with 851 Timeslips in the Raven, all without any issues, and still counting…
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People often ask: “Why don’t you use Ludicrous Plus and Cheetah Stance *every* time?”
So many, many good reasons!
1. It uses 2-3X more battery per run! (Pre-heating the battery, then cooling, etc). This usage causes all subsequent runs to be slower.
2. It takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes before it’s “Ready!”
3. Cheetah Stance takes several seconds to stage, during which the light may turn green, causing me to lose before the race even starts.
4. Cheetah Stance only holds for a few seconds, during which the light may NOT have turned green (depending on what the competitor is doing), and then it times out and can’t be immediately re-staged.
5. The pedal usage and “launch” process is so different, it’s not very consistent for reaction times. Usually 2-5 tenths worse on the tree. (With standard Ludicrous, I can generally have a reaction time under seconds. With Cheetah, more like seconds. There goes any minor advantage!)
6. Tesla strongly warns about premature wear when using Ludicrous Plus. (Likely from all the extra Battery heating and cooling.)
Cheetah Stance has only ever worked when the competitor in the next was willing to cooperate with all of the above. But why would they? (Unless it’s a buddy.)

And all of these hassles above plus extra battery consumption only gains 1-2 tenths of a second (best ever was in the 1/4, and in the 1/8th). In my many attempts, it has only caused me to LOSE far more races. Examples shown at:

So, if it’s near the end of the night and I’ve got no further races to “save” the battery for, and there’s no one in the lane next me, and I have 15 minutes to wait for the battery pre-heating sequence, maybe.

Otherwise, it’s just not suitable for this kind of drag racing (with many passes per night).

Of course, you are welcome to use Ludicrous Plus and Cheetah Stance every time in *your* Tesla Raven!
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