Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Limited Set Review, Part I: Multicolored, White, and Colorless

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What my grades mean:

I use a letter grade system, and my grades usually fall into a bell curve (Very few A’s and F’s, lots of C’s.)

A – Straight bombs that are always your first pick, they completely warp the game in your favor, and they easily pull you into their color(s). You always first pick these. These are cards you are ecstatic to have in your deck. Most sets have 10-15 of these. Tend to mostly be Mythics or Rares, though sometimes there are a couple of Uncommons that get there (Mascot Exhibition, Professor Onyx, Sparring Regimen)

B – Premium removal spells and highly efficient creatures, often worth first picking. Still strong enough to pull you into their colors, but not quite as game or draft warping as A’s are. These are cards you feel good about having in your deck, and you would play several copies of most of them. Mostly Uncommons and higher, but there are usually 5-10 commons that get there too.
(Heated Debate, Bookwurm, Killian, Ink Duelist)

C – Filler. These are cards you neither feel good or bad about having in your deck. You play them if you’re in their colors, but they don’t tempt you to go into their color at all. These appear at all rarities, but are most frequently Common. (Lorehold Apprentice, Honor Troll, Unwilling Ingredient)

D – Playable in an emergency. These are cards that you don’t feel so good about playing, but in a pinch, sometimes you just have to play them. These are often inefficient vanilla creatures or overly narrow cards. These appear at all (Mascot Interception, Spined Karok, Novice Dissector)

F – Unplayable. These are cards that you should never play. There are very few of these in modern Limited formats, but they do appear at all rarities, with the most usually appearing at Rare and Common. These are cards whose effects are pretty much useless or overly narrow. (Dragon’s Approach, Secret Rendezvous)

There are two categories of cards that I give two grades to: Build Arounds and Sideboard Cards.

Build Around These are cards that need special synergy to be at their best – synergy that won’t just come naturally. For these cards, I give one grade indicating how I think the card will perform in a typical deck of that color, and another grade if you manage to get there on synergy.

Sideboard Cards: These are generally cards that are Ds or Fs in your mainboard, but can perform much better out of the sideboard – at least as a C or higher

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