Apple M1 MacBook Pro: A Filmmakers Guide/Setup

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This new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip is going to change the way we create forever. Who would've known we'd live in a world where a base model 13 inch MacBook would be able to handle 6K R3D files with ease

Thumbnail caption: Am I a Mac user? Yes, I M1

[ Chapters ]
0:00 intro
2:00 unboxing
2:53 initial set up
3:03 new function button (EMOJIS)????
3:24 clearing the dock
3:45 changing your background
4:00 downloading FCPX
4:25 FCPX backstory
5:00 iMovie
5:25 create a new desktop
5:59 if you're a beginner - use iMovie
6:53 iMovie Interface
7:15 opening FCPX
7:26 red komodo
7:50 2 USB C slots
8:15 storage breakdown
8:40 editing red footage on FCPX
9:21 battery life
10:00 the last generation
10:30 a problem
11:20 battery life II
11:40 r3d files on FCPX
12:58 the trackpad
13:50 notes
14:19 reminders
14:30 conclusion

The final video took 4~5 mins to export (wow)

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