BACKYARD WATER PARK!! Adley Slides Backwards! Ultimate Family Vacation and Pool Party with Friends

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join us for a Best Day Ever in paradise ????️


Best Water Park Day Ever 1206

It's 6 am, we are trapped in our room and we are the only ones awake in the whole house!! Adley, Niko Bear, Navey, mom, and dad all slept in the same bed last night. So when Niko Bear fell out of the bed, we all woke up. We looked at animals outside our window, but soon we realized that we all had way too much energy to be stuck in our room.

We decide that we are going to sneak out and start a new family vacation routine, going swimming and sliding down water slides!! When we get out there we take a back yard tour of this huge water park. There are slides, and spots to jump of and dive in. It's so cool!! Adley is so brave, not only did she slide down the big slide, she jumped off one of the cliffs into the deep end of the swimming pool. I can't believe it!! We explore some more and find a cave with a hot tub inside!! You know that the kiddos jumped right in!!

After more swimming and hanging out with all our friends, we jump in the monster truck to go get some ice cream!! While we're driving around i see some kids skate boarding and I have to go watch and cheer them on as they try to land tricks for the very first time!! After getting the ice cream, we sit down on the grass and enjoy some time together as a family. Baby Navey is loving Jenny's ice cream!! She keeps reaching and growling for it. Niko Bear even shares some of his with is little sister. So cute!!

Back at the vacation house, Adley and Niko Bear make lots of new friends, playing house and having water battles with them. Jenny and I face off in a great pickle ball tournament, while Niko comes up with a new game, maybe even a sport. Tons more swimming, we pretend play that Niko Bear opened a snow cone restaurant, and just enjoying this ultimate Best Day Ever!!

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