Badminton Deceptions 2020 TOP 5

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Badminton Deceptions 2020 TOP 5 - Welcome to the top 5 deceptions in badminton from 2020. A very cool mix of deceptions from Anthony Ginting, Lee Chong Wei, and all preformed by former World Champion Thomas Laybourn. These top 5 deceptions are tricky to control, but if you master them, they can be very effective in your game. Using deceptions can make your opponent loose a step or the balance, and in some cases they can be a winner shot. Enjoy these 5 deceptions in badminton.

Full tutorials of the 5 shots: ????
5️⃣ Anthony Ginting forehand at the net:
4️⃣ Double flat defense:
3️⃣ Classic double backhand return:
2️⃣ Lee Chong Wei forehand deception:
1️⃣ Backhand return in singles with spin:

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