Battlefield Control Spells are the Best for Game Masters

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Hey Storytellers,

There several different types of spells. The most notable is the easiest to explain: Damage Spells. Basically, a spell that causes you to look for a ton of dice and inflict loads of damage. But there is another type of spell that is more effective in killing players and creatures alike: Battlefield Control Spells.

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What is a battlefield control spell? This is a spell that changes how everyone has to use the battlefield (cave, room, etc.).

If you cast an entanglement spell at the entrance your enemy is coming through you will slow and potentially even stop them all in their tracks which will allow your ranged fighters or other damage spells to do even more damage as your enemies are stuck.

The same is true with walls, clouds, and other things that change the landscape and terrain of the area you are fighting in.

Another type of battlefield control spell is typically against individuals that lock them down for a round or more. Examples of this are charm, sleep, dominate, banish, and other spells that take one or more of the enemies out of the fight. Some of these may only be for one round but others could last up to a minute. Having your biggest fighter trying to talk both sides down because he doesn't like seeing his friends hurt each other is not only comical it is taking the fighter out of combat.

Listen to the episode for ways to use battlefield control spells as a game master to make your encounters more challenging but much less deadly.
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