Battlefront & Star Wars Best Of 2020! - Harrison James

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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today I have something special, a gift to you all and a thank you to you all for an incredible year. Whilst 2020 has been quite awful for everyone it's made me appreciate this community I have with you all even more. The ability to entertain such a large group of people is truly incredible and I'm excited to see where the future takes this channel.

As for now, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed my recap of some of the best moments for this channel in 2020. Ranging from my best videos, to awesome game updates and Star Wars media we all experienced together. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You.

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Boba Fett:
Maul from The Clone Wars Season 7
Luke Skywalker from The Mandalorian Season 2
The others are taken by me on the games EA Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA Star Wars Squadrons and Fortnite.

Production music by the amazing Samuel Kim
Ahsoka Theme:
Imperial March X Imperial Suite:
Boba Fett Theme:
Outro song by Epidemic Sound: ES_Deprived

All video footage in this video is from past videos uploaded on this channel throughout 2020.

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This video includes gameplay of EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 game, EA's Star Wars Squadrons game and Epic Games' Fortnite game featuring iconic Star Wars locations and characters.

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All videos featured in this video
Mastered Kylo Ren:
New Menu Animations:
New Movie References:
Maul Beta vs 2020:
Secret Lightsaber Animations:
Reinforcement Changes:
Hero Changes 2:
The Best Melee:
Epic Moments #7:
Heroes Without Capes:
March Patch 8 Changes:
Scarif Speculation:
New Customisation Scarif:
New Animations Scarif:
Trooper Changes:
Hero Changes 2:
Maul's Venator Rampage:
New Customisation JFO:
All 13 Lightsabers:
How It Feels To Get Old Master Maul:
How It Looks vs How It Feels #1:
All 63 Blasters:
How It Looks vs How It Feels #7:
How It Looks vs How It Feels #8:
5 Modded Lightsabers:
How It Looks vs How It Feels #10:
Top 5 Things You SHOULDN'T Be Seeing:
August Patch:
All Hera Scenes:
Battlefront 2 After A Month:
All New Customisation Mandalorian:
All New Customisation Squadrons:
Squadrons New Map:
Din Djarin in Fortnite:
Grogu in Fortnite:
Bounty Hunting in Fortnite:
TIE Defender:
Grogu PS4 vs PS5:
How It Looks vs How It Feels #13:
STAR WARS Battlefront 2
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