BEST Settings! World of Tanks Console Settings Guide

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World of tanks console settings guide including world of tanks ps4 settings, world of tanks xbox one settings and the best settings for wot console in general! Hope this best settings guide for world of tanks console helps you guys get your settings in check and improve on wot console (wot ps4 and wot xbox one)!

This video highlights all the possible settings on world of tanks ps4 and world of tanks xbox one and shows how you can use these new settings to make your game work best and easiest for you to do well on tanks console versions as of wot console 2021 and world of tanks console 2021. Hopefully these settings and the discussion of the settings helps you guys play tanks better and generate far better games in this world of tanks variant we play.

This channel focuses on world of tanks console guides, gameplay and news for both platforms wot ps4 and wot xbox. Otherwise known as console world of tanks. This settings guide is my own personal settings and obviously your preference may differ but on the whole the settings should work bes for you whether your new or existing player to console wot.

Eclipse - World of tanks console (wot console) channel and content creator for wot.

Hope you enjoyed this wot console settings guide and I hope to see you in the next one!
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