Control 1080p Gateway Creator Series RTX 2060 Mobile

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1080p full ray traced settings.

Pretty toasty temps for that poor i5, reached 93°C. I think it´s to much but, some say that´s a normal temperature for a I don´t like it.

Gateway Creator Series
CPU: i5 10300h 4c8T base TB, to reach the TB you have to undervolt the CPU on the BIOS and create a performance energy plan.
RAM: 16GB 8x2 running at 2933Mhz, search for this model CT8G4SFS832A
SSD: Phison 256Gb SSD
SSD: Crucial - P5 1TB 3D NAND NVMe, ONLY NVMe drives.
GPU: RTX 2060 6Gb 90W variant.
DIS: 1920x1080 @120Hz
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