Control:Override #1 あいつの動作をハッキング

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Control: Override is a puzzle game where you must share control between the environment and yourself. Defy Physics. Solve puzzles . Terminate the rogue AI. And perhaps confront the truth about why it went rogue.

Control Override Is A Puzzle Game About Control.
You play as a hacker who has hacked into an rogue AI to terminate it.
Delve into a virtual cyberspace inside a rogue AI that YOU created in the past.
Solve puzzles. Break through the AI's security layers. Reach the core. Terminate the AI.
But Should You?

Key Features
Simple mechanics. Unexpected consequences.
Physics defying puzzles.
A generous rewind mechanic that lets you fix your mistakes. Problem solving is an iterative process.
A minimalist neon art style.
An intriguing story of a hacker who hacked an AI of his own creation.
Multiple endings that form a jigsaw puzzle-like narrative.
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