Cyberpunk 2077 - Third Person Mod V4 Install Guide + Testing 1080p

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Sup guys, just testing out V4 which has a lot more functionality.
1. Install an unpacking program if you dont already have one like 7-zip or Winrar,, Download Cyberengine '
' & TPP Mod files using the links below.
2. Right Click
, extract to its own folder.
3. Copy the TPP Mod .rar file into the same folder you extracted
4. Right click the TPP .rar file & 'extract here', then delete the .rar file.
5. Copy all 3 files & plugins folder to your Cyberpunk 2077/binx/64 folder.
6. Run the game, do not alt+tab or multitask while its launching or it will crash. Press 'B' in-game to change camera.
Unzipping Program:
Cyber Engine Github DL: - Click
to download.
TPP Mod:
Choose small or large neck, I tested small neck & it works with both genders, click manual download, click download on the cyber engine popup, click 'slow download'.
Step 1: Start Cyberpunk 2077 Do not multi-task when game is launching or it will crash, you can alt tab out after its loaded.
Step 2: Load a Save
Step 4: press B --- to activate TPP
Step 5: press F1 --- to cycle to different views
Step 6: press '9' or '0' to zoom in & out
Step 5: Enjoy
There are currently 4 camera angles when pressing F1, if you adjust view distance with 0/9 keys, your view distance will also save for each specific angle when you cycle with F1.
Known Issues
- This is still a very fresh mod & work in progress, if your head disappears, you can try loading different saves or just restart your game completely. Fixed V4.
- Combat animations are broken, melee hits dont connect(at least with fists)
-Character can get stuck when messing with zoom distance while moving
-Extreme view distances cause load screens when switching back to first person.
- If your character comes up bald, remove headwear.
System specs in video description, click "show more".
Includes MSI Afterburner performance overlay, CPU, RAM, GPU, FPS & Frame Latency.
How to setup MSI Afterburner:
Recorded with Radeon ReLive, 69Mb/s - 320kbps Audio HEVC. Raw Upload.
If you're having low performance issues, try my comprehensive troubleshooting guide, it's about an hour long but may be useful;
System Specs:
►i7-6700k@ /w Cryorig H7 Plus - Delidded /w Conductonaut
►Sapphire RX 5700 Pulse 8gb
►Arctic Xtreme IV GPU Cooler, Installation:
►GPU Driver:
►Windows 10 Home x64 v20H2
►4x8gb 3000mhz DDR4 T-Force Dark Ƶα C15
►MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Motherboard
►Corsair HX1000i
►Lexar NM500 NVMe 512gb OS+Programs
►Sandisk Ultra II 960gb Media+Recording
►Sandisk Ultra II 960gb Games
►Rakk Haliya ATX Case
►SpecterPro 34" UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 3440x1440 100hz
►HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset
►Logitech G403 Mouse
►Tecware Phantom RGB Keyboard
ISP: PLDT FIBR ~65Mbps, Bohol Philippines
VPN: Exitlag - Affiliate Link:

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