Dawn of War 2 Retribution (Elite mod 2.9.4) Torpid (TM) vs Crysis (LA)

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Nids vs SM is pretty rough for SM but there are definitely a few tricks you can employ to counteract that. Notably plasma tactical marines once they start getting some levels are utterly brutal against nids. Even with the reduced damage to light infantry because of the relatively low hp of individual raveners models as the game goes on the plasma tacs can chunk them down, and they shrug off termagant fire like it is nothing. Combine that with then atural weakness of tyranids to mobile vehicles that can stayt away from the scary venom brood and you have a recipe of disaster for the nids. Bleed them constantly with your mobile ranged force and take no bleed yourself. Focus on not bleeding instead of gaining map control, so long as you don't bleed but you bleed your foe you will maintain good economic standing even if you cede the map. This is a core tenet of marine based ( not heavy scout based) play for SM.

You see that in the 2nd game on Green Tooth Gorge Crysis deviates from his typical tyrant guard rush, likely because he feared the same result as the game before where the TG is just ignored and eventually is shot to pieces by plasma carried around in a razorback. Instead he goes straight for the venom brood to counter any razorback I get, this makes me swap to getting ASM instead and supporting the ASM in melee with my techmarine who already had the bionics upgrade anyway. Crysis counters thi by going for genestealers, which now means an additrional light infantry threat is on the field and with no TG around and the seeing the warriors grab the thorax swarm preempetively instead of the adrenal glands I realised I did not need to get a plasma gun and could get sternguard instead to gain ranged superiority against the 2x terms+rav blob. The game is easy enough to follow from there.

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