Distilled Review - A Tight Euro With Hints of Aged Cardplay & Tight Scoring

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Distilled is a game of crafting various spirits designed by Dave Beck. Featuring multiple pathways to victory, building out a pantry of cards to use and cycle, and a developing tableue, Distilled offers you tough decisions left right and center, all in the name of developing the best spirits around.

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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:00:10- Game Overview
0:05:00- Going Through a Distill
0:09:45 - Back to Overview
0:12:00 - What I Liked
0:16:10 - What I Didn't Like
0:19:00 - What I Can See Others Not Liking
0:20:03 - Final Thoughts

Scoring System
5 - My favorite games. I'm disappointed when anyone I play games with doesn't like it, because it means I might play it less often.
4 - A great game. Almost always going in my collection.
3 - A solid game. Enjoyed it and can recommend it, but may or may not stay in my collection.
2 - I'm either not the target audience for the gameplay, or too many issues with it.
1 - An arguably bad game.

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