Drag Race España S1 Episode 6 Reaction

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Drag Race Espana S1 Episode 6 Reaction! The Episode six of Drag Race Espana started off with the queens picking puppets to design of each other. It was quite funny watching the queens try and come up with little puppet shows. Some of them were shady and some of them didn't know what to do. The winner of the mini challenge was Carmen Farala. Because she won she was able to pick the places of each girl in the roast! The queens then had to come up with ideas to roast the judges! All in all the queens did decent. Then on the runway the queens had to showcase their best Rosalia looks! The winner this episode was Carmen Farala she won both challenges! The bottom 2 queens were Dovima Nurmi and Sagittaria. Dovima gave praise to Carmen for allowing her to use some of her props and make a whole new outfit because they had the same looks! Then off to the lip sync!! It was crazy!!! Dovima decided to just stand there and allow Sagittaria to perform on her own! It was such a sad moment! Dovima ended up leaving. What did you think??!?!?! The queens of the first season of Rupauls Drag Race Espana are: Pupi Poisson, Inti , Dovima Nurmi, Sagittaria, Carmen Farala, Killer Queen, Drag Vulcano, Arantxa Castilla La Mancha, The Macarena, and Hugaceo Crujiente! We each picked who we think will win the first season of Drag Race Espana! Who do you think will win?? Who are your favorites??! #dragraceespana #rupaulespana #dragraceespanaep6 #dragraceespanaepisode6 #dragraceespaña

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