Drag Race Season 13 Episode 2 (CONDRAGULATIONS) Review | Hot or Rot?

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 13 Episode 2 Review & Reaction | Hot or Rot?

Drag Race Season 13 is here! Last week I reviewed and reacted to the entire drag race season 13 cast entrance looks and surprise lip sync performances. This week, our winning group from the premiere of season 13 of drag race, joined by Elliott with Two T's choreographed, wrote lyrics for, and performed in a Rumix of Rupaul's Condragulations in the main challenge. They were also challenged to walk in a 2021 Ladylike Daytime look and Vampy Nighttime look. On the main stage, the runway category for episode 2 of rupaul's drag race season 13 was lamé you stay.

Today I review and react to each of the drag race season 13 daytime and nighttime 2021 fashion show runways, the lamé you stay runway, and break down the 'Condragulations' performance. Judges for Episode 2 of Season 13 of Drag Race include Rupaul, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and the hilarious Ross Matthews. The drag race season 13 cast includes Kandy Muse, Joey Jay, Denali, Lalari, Symone, Tamisha Iman, Gottmik, Utica Queen, Rose, Olivia Lux, Tina Burner, Eliott with Two T’s, and Kamora Hall.

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00:00 - Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 13 Episode 2 Review
0:39 - Gottmik Ladylike Daytime
1:35 - Gottmik Vampy Nighttime
3:01 - Gottmik Lamé You Stay
4:02 - Kady Muse Ladylike Daytime
4:49 - Kandy Muse Vampy Nihttime
5:33 - Kandy Muse Lamé You Stay
6:19 - Lala Ri Ladylike Daytime
6:54 - Lala Ri Vampy Nighttime
7:36 - Lala Ri Lamé You Stay
8:28 - Olivia Lux Ladylike Daytime
9:11 - Olivia Lux Vampy Nighttime
9:37 - Olivia Lux Lamé You Stay
10:27 - Symone Ladylike Daytime
11:16 - Symone Vampy Nighttime
11:58 - Symone Lamé You Stay
13:04 - Tina Burner Daytime
13:55 - Tina Burner NIghttime
14:47 - Tina Burner Lamé You Stay
15:54 - Elliott with 2 T's Ladylike Daytime
16:37 - Elliott with 2 T's Vampy Nihgttime
17:13 - Elliott with 2 T's Lamé You Stay
17:48 - Olivia Lux vs. Symone Lip Sync
19:08 - Hottest HOT

This is a Drag Race Season 13 Review show hosted by Bussy Queen. Bussy's channel is the best Drag Race Review channel on youtube! This series focuses on rupaul’s drag race season 13. I’ll be reviewing EVERY runway as the season progresses and breaking down the main challenge performances as well! Today we review and react to the second episode of Season 13 Drag Race.


Hot or Rot?
Hot or Rot is a Drag Race review show hosted by Bussy Queen. Bussy's show is kinda like "toot or boot fashion photo ruview" for Rupaul's Drag Race UK, Canada's Drag Race, Rupaul's Drag Race Season 13, and Drag Race Holland except I go into more details about the show, react to how the queens perform in the challenge, and provide an alternative opinion! Oh - and I'm your host - BUSSY QUEEN!
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