Drag Race! Tesla Model Y vs. Chevy Corvette | Gas vs. EV Drag Race | 0-60 Performance & More

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Over the past year, we at Edmunds have had our own Model Y drag race against some heavy competitors. From the BMW X3 M to the Jeep Trackhawk, we have pushed the Model Y to the limit against some of the highest-performing vehicles out there. But now comes its toughest opponent yet: the Chevrolet Corvette. It's the Tesla Model Y vs. the Chevy Corvette in this gas vs. electric car drag race!

We hit the track with our very own 2020 Corvette and 2020 Model Y to see how well a high-performance EV SUV can do against America's iconic sports car. Which one has the better 0-60 time? Can the Model Y keep up against the Corvette? How fast can the Model Y go on a full charge? We answer these questions and more in this very special gas vs. EV drag race.

Full 2020 Tesla Model Y review:
Full 2020 Chevrolet Corvette review:

See the Model Y and Corvette, and get the latest real-world updates from our current fleet of cars and trucks:

Intro 00:00
Launch control procedures 01:40
First drag race 03:25
Second drag race 05:17
Roll-on race 07:26
Test figures 08:15
Conclusion 09:10

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