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Sam is focusing on the new Dunlop CX Tour 16x19 today. The CX 200 Series is one of Dunlop's most popular, and that trend will continue in 2021. Get your new Dunlop CX Tour 16x19 here: | #tennisexpress #dunloptennisracquets #dunlopcxtour16x19

The Dunlop 2021 CX 200 Tour 16x19 Tennis Racquet continues the precise tradition of being one of the best control frames available from Dunlop. Sonic Core tech with Infinergy is embedded in the head to increase power, improve comfort, and reduce shock. The 16x19 string pattern features Dunlop's Power Grid String technology which widens the main strings while making the cross strings denser for better control.

This Dunlop technology gives the CX 200 Tour a larger and more powerful sweet spot. To make the tennis racquet even more comfortable, Dunlop incorporated Flex Booster (a high elasticity vibration dampening layer) in the shaft. The result is a reduction in shaft stiffness and vibration. The technology makes the CX 200 Tour a precision tool for advanced players.

For all of the specs and details on the new Dunlop CX Tour 16x19 visit us here:

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