Fallout 4: The Good Fight (Creation Club Mod) Walk Through Game Play No Commentary Capital Wasteland

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The Good Fighters were led by Phil Goodman, also known as the Ghoul of Cool. Following Three Dog's disappearance, Phil took over his role as the host of Galaxy News Radio and main advocate of the "Good Fight," which involved performing actions that opposed and antagonized the wasteland's various oppressors and thugs. Phil formed a group of mercenaries to help keep the Good Fight alive, though many of its members were not in the area when Three Dog first started GNR. Many wastelanders appreciated what the group was doing, and gave crates of Aqua Pura as a gift.

While in control of the GNR building plaza, the group encountered a disoriented, amnesiac raider whom they gave the name Mercy. In reality, Mercy was a contract spy for Talon Company who had been hired to retrieve the building's blueprints and a headcount of the Good Fighters. She also had a personal vendetta against Phil, as he sold her into slavery at Paradise Falls, but in the end couldn't bring herself to enact her revenge plan and stood by the group, abandoning her employers.[1] Not long after, the Good Fighters received a tip-off that Talon Company had been hired to take over the GNR building. They decided to stand their ground no matter what came their way and sent a message requesting help, as the thinly-spread Brotherhood of Steel would not help them. The Gunners, another group of mercenaries from the Commonwealth, heard the broadcast and were interested. As such, Phil sent Sparrow to make contact with them, where she discovered that their claims of helping for the cause were a lie, and only wanted the Good Fighters' supplies and their Vertibirds.[2] While Gunners killed Sparrow and abandoned the Good Fighters, leaving the group without any reinforcements, Talon Company took over the building and the remaining Vertibird, and killed Phil together with several other members.

During the quest The Good Fight, the Sole Survivor is tasked with reclaiming the broadcast station and helping the surviving members. Afterward, the living mercenaries will express a desire to leave the group behind, and they can be recruited to move to a settlement in the Commonwealth.
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