FAST SPEED LASERS! Mistwraiths Fearsomes Control!? (Senna & Lux)

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Senna Lux Mistkeepers

Played on patch

00:00 Deckbuilding
02:58 Game 1 (Zilean & Xerath)
05:13 Game 2 (Akshan Sivir ARAM)
09:32 Game 3 (Mono Fiora)
12:48 Game 4 (Bandle Landmarks)
21:47 Game 5 (Bandle Landmarks)

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I try to make educational and entertaining videos for Legends of Runeterra with new decks every video. I only include the most intense and interesting games against meta decks to help you learn how to use your cards against them. That, or hilarious meme matches.
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Track: Ikson - Focus [Official]
Music provided by Ikson®
Credit to VanQProductions for the intro!
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