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Roy heads for the woods of Sussex armed to the teeth. He has a Sako 85 in case of deer and foxes, and he has a Brocock Commander XR air rifle for squirrels and ferals. Find out what he shoots - and how he avoids bumping into the large numbers of public now rambling across the British countryside like it's their own. Meanwhile, FITASC world champion Sam Green points to a clayshooting problem: you should look not listen when shooting clays. News editor Ben O'Rourke visits the new version of the RSPB's Abernethy reserve, where capercaillie numbers have crashed by half since the eaely 1990s. David has news of lockdown's effect on shooting on the News Stump and Charlie has the finest hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It's all in this week's #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Foxes and squirrels

Aimpoint Acro
Brocock Commander XR
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▶ Fieldsports News
Lockdown stops driven shooting in the UK
ITV News wages war on trailhunting
Antis expose West Country farmers who support hunts
Vegans mark Christmas by attacking butcher
Celeb Packham challenges Scottish beaver cull
Police investigate man killed by stag in Ireland
Police called after hunt hound kills cat
RSPB complains about bird-killing wind farms
Officials consider parakeet pest control
Dog walkers blamed for spate of sheep attacks - thanks to
Wolves rampage through Kosovo farm
Agony aunt advises woman about Packham obsession

▶ Sam Green

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▶ Capercaillie

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▶ Hunting YouTube
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