First Effective Treatment for Long Covid | Stunning Data from Huge New Study

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The long tail of Covid-19 has left hundreds of thousands suffering numerous and debilitating symptoms.

In this film I break down the results from my most recent study of 812 long haulers, on the efficacy of diet, supplements and medication in treating the condition and their effects on each of the symptoms.

Is there now a statistically proven regimen of treatment for the condition? Yes, I believe there is.

Huge thanks to Dr Tina Peers and Dr Ade Wentzel without whom none of this would have been possible.

IMPORTANT: It is ESSENTIAL to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements that you have not taken before, or begin taking them at a larger dose. This regimen is NOT appropriate for children so they should speak to their doctor before taking any of these.

Nicotinic acid / Niacin also has several strong counter-indications, they can be seen here:

I have to be clear and say that I am not a doctor, nor am I personally advocating you take Niacin or any other supplement or medication mentioned in this film. This is a decision you must make yourself with the consultation of your GP if you have any concerns at all.

So, all that said - here is what I am currently taking.

Niacin: I started at a low dose (10-20mg)/ be careful of flushing
Selenium: 100mcg / day
Zinc: 15-30mg / day
Quercetin: 500mg 3x / day
Vitamin C: 500-1000mg 3x / day
Vitamin D: 3-5000iu / day

0:00 Introduction
0:49 The Treatment Plans
2:21 The Study
4:45 Treatment Efficacy
12:11 T and P Numbers
13:05 The Statistical Breakdown
16:36 Conclusion

Wondering who I am and why I'm making these films? I discuss it here:


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