FULL RIG TOUR! - How the Boosted Media Triple 65 Inch 4K Motion Sim Racing Rig Works

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With the 2021 Porsche Esports Supercup All-Stars series kicking off shortly, we've been flat out getting everything set up and ready for recording and streaming more racing content! So before the racing begins, it's time to take you on a full tour of the Boosted Media Triple 65 Inch 4K Motion Sim Rig, how every aspect of the setup works from the motion platforms and motion compensation, to the cameras, microphones, overlays and streaming!

Catch my Live Stream of Round 1 of the PESC All-Stars series HERE:

We have dedicated videos for the setup of just about everything we covered in this video, so check the links below for more details on each:

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TrackIR Motion Compensation -

Next Level Racing Traction Plus -

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DIY Wind Simulator -

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Sim PC Build -

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