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Baldur's Gate 3 Genasi race mod by ShadowRecluse86.
This mod introduces the Genasi race along with 4 subraces. Currently includes: Fire, Ice, Earth, and Smoke Genasi.
Genasi nexus mod page:

Genasi can be born to almost any humanoid and possess an elemental heritage that takes after one of the inner planes: air, earth, fire, water. A powerful elemental blessed your birth, a planar disturbance imbued you with elemental essence, one or both of your parents were genasi. The more elemental you look, the more control you have over your element the closer or stronger your connection is to your respective elemental plane. Which will depend on the source of the elemental essence, an elemental that imbues you with such gifts will be weaker than if a noble genie or an elemental prince did so.

Fire Genasi: Fire genasi are usually thought of as hot-blooded and quick to anger, and they have earned that reputation. Mercurial, proud, and often fearless, they are not content to sit and watch the world pass them by. Most Fire Genasi in Fearun are descended from the efreet that once ruled Calimshan.
Ice Genasi: As an ice genasi, you are descended from the qorrashi, and as such, you have inherited some measure of control over ice and snow. You tend to avoid rash decisions, pausing long enough to consider your options before taking action. You value power and strength, but you also value kindness and personel freedom.
Earth Genasi: Earth genasi are patient, stubborn, and contemplative in their decision-making. Like all elemental planetouched, Earth genasi are proud of their nature and abilities, but their pride is quiet, confident sort rather than boastful one. Most earth genasi in Fearun are the descendant of outsiders native to the Elemental Plane of Earth and humans.
Smoke Genasi: Silent, stealthy, and comfortable in the shadows, Smoke Genasi are the most urban of all the Para and Quasi-Genasi. This isn't because the Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke is populated with cities, but rather because once a Smoke Genasi leaves the Plane of Smoke, they discover that they're uncomfortable in wide open spaces. This isn't to say that a smoke genasi can't function out in the open; they just don't like it.

00:00 - Genasi Character Creation
01:11 - Fire Genasi Spells
01:45 - Ice Genasi Skills
02:04 - Earth Genasi Cantrips

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