Go To Town 6: Buy Dump Truck Walkthrough Part 3 Gameplay ( android, ios )

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????Hello guys!
Here you have a video of me playing " Go To Town 6: New 2021 ". This will help you understand if this game is for you without downloading it.
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✅About This Game: Become from simple villager to a successful citizen! As people say "From Zero To Hero". You need to pass the exam and get driving license. Then you can rent a house and move to the city. The big and beautiful city will open many opportunities before you. In this game you can drive cool cars, and control the helicopter or motorbike. You can also complete the different missions and get rewards. You can become a truck driver. You can work as a policeman. Or the coolest job: be a helicopter pilot. The game has a table of the best players. To become the best complete all missions and collect gems. Share your result with friends. This game is not a clone of GTA V or GTA San Andreas.

Key features:
- Easy control
- Fantastic graphics
- Specific cars
- Motorbike
- Motorcycle riding
- Control of the third person
- Grand Street
- Grand City
- Beautiful town
- Fantastic car physics
- Fantastic people physics
- Beautiful beach
- Missions
- Helicopter physics
- Car jumping
- Truck
- Balloon
- Police
- Cargo
- Buggy
- Driving exam
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