High Kill Solo 120 FPS Console Fortnite Full Game! (Fortnite Gameplay Xbox + PS4/PS5)

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This video today is going to be a full high kill solo 120 FPS gameplay on next gen console Fortnite. Recently I've been playing a decent amount of Fortnite on my Xbox Series X so I thought it would be a cool idea to upload someone full gameplays like this. I know a lot of you guys watching play on console, whether that be PS4/Xbox One or PS5/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, so I wanted to show how I play when I'm on 120 FPS instead of the 200 or so that I average when I play on PC. Let me know these full high kill gameplays on 120 FPS console is something you enjoy and also if you want to to see more them in the future. Thanks!

Sorry for not having the FPS counter displaying until around halfway through the gameplay, but as you can see once I turn it on, this was all 120 FPS.

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