How to Install and Use the Grim Internals Mod for Grim Dawn - Mod Install Tutorial and Mod Overview

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Welcome to my tutorial to the Grim Internals mod for Grim Dawn. This mod adds additional overlay features and provides filterable autopickup for items in the base Grim Dawn Game. If you are attempting to Min/Max your character's XP Gain, Resistances, Damage Output, or just don't want to pick up items this is the mod for you.

You can download the Grim Internals Mod from their forum:

To Turn the Overlay on and off you press CTRL + F1

To Access the mod configuration you press CTRL + F5

This guide will cover how to install the Grim Internals Mod and provide an Overview of the Mod. It will also attempt to teach how to configure the mod and provide some use-cases. This is in an effort to guide a player through when this mod can be useful. If you have a question about something not covered in the video leave a comment and I will find an answer for you.

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