How to MOVE the MINI MAP Update 6.0 WoT Console Action Heroes

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World of Tanks Wot console How to MOVE the MINI MAP Update WoT Console Action Heroes

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HELLO SLAPAFISH COMMUNITY and welcome to the Slapafish jr channel. So in this channel I do mainly World of Tanks console for Playstation 4 videos and sometimes random videos throw in there but they don’t mess with the World of Tanks videos schedule. The schedule I upload for World of Tanks is a video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So if you would like to see things about World of Tanks for PS4 then you have came to the right place.

More about me on world of tanks. I have been playing World of tanks for over 6 years!!!!! 3 years on Blitz then I Switched to console for 3 years and just stared playing some pc for world of tanks. So yeah I been playing World of Tanks for awhile and this game is still very fun for me so I don’t see me stoping any time. I usually get on also

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