How to setup NCAA 14 for PC 2021 (College Football Revamped Mod)

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Do you miss college football! Look no further than right here where you can get back on the field and play your favorite college team! By POPULAR demand this video will show you how to install the CFR mod on the NCAA 14 RPCS3 setup!

Also be sure to check me out on Twitch playing NCAA 14 and Madden!

**** FIRST! Watch the first video I released as without it the install might be a bit tough. If you complete the first video and you game is working this is a super easy way to get the CFR running! *****

Link to first video:

Also I will not be positing any files with this video let's show love to the creators directly and go download from their links (I promise they aren't janky)

Link to College Football Revamped:

Thanks to everyone who is supporting the channel and I am definitely looking forward to what you are looking forward to in 2021!

Be safe and see you all in the next one!

Special thanks to MesterOfMes on Twitch for pushing me to check out this awesome mod! Also thanks to the CFR community for their hard work an passion!
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