Hyper Brawl Tournament the ultimate game of futuristic handball on Apple Arcade PC PS4 XO Switch

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Assemble your team of intergalactic heroes, then smash, score and brawl your way to victory as the ultimate game of futuristic handball welcomes its punchiest update yet.

HyperBrawl Tournament is the ultimate game of intergalactic handball. Players brawl it out in 2v2 matchups fusing outrageous weapons and physics defying powerups. Using powers to curve perfect shots mid-flight and score incredible goals, or smash opponents out of the arena in this science fantasy arcade game.

In a combination of sports and brawling, heroes can choose different abilities and awesome weapons to bring into the arena as they fight for control of the ball, throwing it into the opposition’s goal to score points. Outside of that, there are no rules…so don’t be afraid to fight dirty. A big part of HyperBrawl Tournament’s strategy revolves around mastering the HyperCurve - which allows players to control the trajectory of each throw in real-time - the HyperForce, ultimate offensive powers that can be used to launch opponents out of the arena.

New Update Features include

A Brand New Private Match Mode and Friends Invite System - Allowing up to 4 friends to jump into an exclusive online game without the need to wait in lobbies.

Matchmaking Improvements – New recommended servers and server selection options, as well as 40+ re-engineered AI opponent teams to ensure players are no longer waiting for a game.

Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements - Check in to see where you rank on the global leaderboards and which achievements to take down next.

New Hero and Arena – Rip Deadly, our 80s action hero inspired martial arts master enters the game along with his 80s Hong Kong neon arena.

HyperBrawl Tournament is regarded as one of the best Multiplayer Games available on Apple Arcade, averaging a user review score of / 5 across the Arcade platforms. This update offers significant improvements for gamers, enhancing the online multiplayer possibilities and improving the interactive experience through the platform.

HyperBrawl Tournament has also seen success in the festival circuit, where it was shortlisted as one of PAX’s top 20 indie titles of 2020. Additionally, the HyperBrawl Tournament soundtrack by celebrated British music producer Steve Levine (Culture Club, The Beach Boys, Motörhead) received its own standalone release by Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Sony Music Masterworks.

The HyperBrawl Tournament soundtrack is available right now on Apple Music and Spotify.


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