Is it FIXED yet! Wot Console News - World of Tanks PS4 Update 6.0

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Wot console news for wot ps4 and wot xbox one. News for console world of tanks and all the latest update news and information for tanks console. Wot console update news and world of tanks console update information on the update with fixes and patches to wot console.

This video highlights all the fixes and patches coming to world of tanks console (wot console) and what you can expect during the next wot console update of which ps4 world of tanks and xbox one world of tanks are a part of. Be sure to watch for all the mid week news for console tanks and ensure you know whats going on in game when you play your tanks!

Keep up the support for wot console and world of tanks console and my channel, much appreciated! World of tanks ps4 is a tanks based game on ps4 and revolves around strategy and tactics to do well, learning the tanks weakspots and dealing lots of damage and spotting. Hope my wot console content can help you with all of this using my news videos and update news and info. Wot console update

Eclipse - wot console channel and content creator.
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