Is This THE END Of Competitive Console Fortnite??? (Fortnite PS4/PS5 + Xbox)

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In this video today we're gonna be discussing a very interesting topic that's gotten a lot of attention in the console community recently, and that's the possibility that we've seen the end of platform-specific major tournaments in Fortnite. So, there are basically 3 events that I would say have contributed to a lot of console pros really starting to get nervous about the future of competitive console Fortnite. The first revolves around what we saw with the frosty frenzy event that took place about a week ago. So this was basically the 2020 version of the winter royale, and unfortunately, it disappointed in a few different aspects. First off the prize pool was a lot lower than what we saw with the winter royale last year, the amount of time you had to play to make money was ridiculous, and most importantly for this discussion, the fact that it wasn't a platform-specific event. If you're on console and you wanted to try and finish top 250-400 to place in the money depending on the region, you were going to have to do so by going up against mainly PC players. Now I did definitely see some players on console place in the money which is really impressive to say the least, but the total amount was probably very low, and I wonder if there was even 1 console-only trio that placed in the money. But at the end of the day that part doesn't really matter, all you need to know is that last year it was a platform-specific tournament, and now this year it isn't. That alone probably isn't enough to sound the alarm bells, but at the least it's a bad sign.

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