Learn how to play Blood Rage better and faster

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In this week's Games Made Easy video you will learn how to play Blood Rage better, quickly and easily too.

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In Blood Rage, players play a clan of Vikings who compete to die in glory as Ragnarök slowly consumes the world. They must gain as much glory as possible through battles, pillages, fulfilling quests for the gods, or dying valiantly to reach Valhalla.

The game progresses through Three Ages, as it comes to its fiery end. The player with the most glory at the end is the winner.

I love the theme in Blood Rage - the interaction between players is a lot of fun and it works really well.
There’s also an excitement that comes every time a new age starts. It is a ton of fun. It's got a nice balance between good strategic thinking and fast paced good time.
And if like me you like your minis painted, it’s even more gorgeous.

Tabletop games are really fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Lavinia and Peter explain the rules quickly and easily so you get to play faster while giving you all the tips you need to get better.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – The Theme
1:07 – The Clans
1:30 – Clan Sheet
2:10 – Main Board
3:04 – The Age Track Sheet
3:43 – Doomed Provinces
4:06 – End Setup
4:19 – The Gods’ Gifts
5:34 – The Actions
5:44 – Invade
6:12 – March
6:44 – Upgrade
8:29 – Quest
8:44 – Pillage
11:34 – Discard
11:45 – Scoring Quests
12:16 – Ragnarök
12:49 – Return from Valhalla
13:15 – 2nd & 3rd Age
13:34 – End Scoring
13:45 – End game
13:50 – Tips to Win
14:47 – Conclusions
-- -- --

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