Maybe We Should Temper our Expectations about the Steam Deck

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fuel the PAIN!
So while the steam deck does indeed look cool, the more that I think about its specs, the battery life, and a bunch of other little things, it just doesn't seem like it's going to be a very good handheld console. When you look at the stats it feels like they were just like "hey, let's make this thing better in every way on a raw specifications scale and not bother with things that would make a person actually want to play a mobile console"

I'm really reminded of the OUYA in a sense that it sounds really cool at first until you start to really think about what its gimmick is and then you're like, "... y'know that's actually pretty dumb" Its essentially a mobile console that only plays games we already own on another, stronger platform and the only time it has enough battery life to make using it worthwhile is when you're streaming the games instead of using processor power, and the only place you'll be doing that is when you're somewhere with really good like at your where your PC is.
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