Oil Head Massage therapy with Steam for deep nourishing by Indian Barber GURU ????ASMR

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Barber name - Punkaj( ytb name GURU)
salon- Binita's salon and spa
Massage - Brahmi oil head massage with hair steam and shampoo
Cost -400 USD
location- Binita's spa, Sakchi, AAM bagaan
JSR, Jharkhand.

This massage therapy help to reduce your stress and insomnia. It was semi intense head massage with high pressure on the scalp, which gives deep relaxation and instant reduce the headache and activate all cells and make you energised. With the steam process, all pores open properly and help to pour the oils deeply inside the scalp.
which makes the hairs root stronger. In between this massages , some hairs will falls but don't worry, only week hairs will and they will come again.
If you want to do this massage @ home .
So take some coconut or any Ayurvedic oil and Pour on your scalp with peace of cotton and then Comb the hairs for five minutes. Combing will increase your blood circulation and open the pores. You can do it before oiling also then massage the scalp for 10 minutes and steamed the hairs for 5 minutes and after steam, leave it for five minutes and wash your hairs.

Do this twice in a month.

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