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Our Parkour Experts, Omar Zaki and Sara Mudallal, are back for another Experts React episode. This time, they’ll be reacting to “Watch Dogs Legion”, which is a game about a dystopian future, set in London.

The “Watch Dogs Legion” story focuses on the hacker group DedSec as they seek to clear their names for a series of bombings they have been framed for, as well as liberate its citizens from the control of an oppressive private military company, which turned London into a surveillance state in the aftermath of the bombings.

The Parkour Experts, Omar and Sara, will judge the parkour moves in the game. From simple vaults, to roof top parkour and jumping from buildings, they’ll tell us what they think is realistic and what isn't. What do you think, is the parkour gameplay in “Watch Dogs Legion” realistic? Find out what the experts think, on this episode of Experts React.
Sara Mudallal
Instagram: @saramudallal
Youtube: Sara Mudallal ()

Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Vaulting spiky fences
2:23 – Cemetery Parkour
3:34 – Parkour in London
4:45 – Judging Parkour moves and differences between Watch Dogs 2 & 3
6:07 – Parkour as a construction worker
6:58 – Old lady doing Parkour
7:38 – Striding and Jumping from buildings
10:09 – Assassins Creed Jump
10:21 – Parkour at night and climbing pipes
11:26 – How to stride
12:04 - Outro
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