PETRIFY THEM ALL! How GOOD is Veld? In-Depth Analysis & Builds: Fire Emblem Heroes [FEH]

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What's up guys, I am Pheonixmaster1, and welcome to my unit review series for Fire Emblem Heroes. I review Veld who came as a Grand Hero Battle Unit along with the 'Shared Purpose banner which is a Thracia 776 Banner.

Veld is a Red Infantry Mage from Fire Emblem Thracia 776 with a unique prf in Petrify, You can find out by watching the full review!

I discuss the following topics in the video:-

0:00 Veld Review
2:46 Veld F2P Comparisons
3:28 Veld's true potential
6:23 Veld's usage in different modes
8:24 Should you invest with Heroic Grails into Veld?
11:03 Veld Builds
13:40 What if Veld was improved?

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