Quitting was NEVER an Option! (My Unbound 200 race recap)

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Unbound 200 is the new name for Dirty Kanza, a massive gravel race in Emporia Kansas. Pretty much all the top cyclists show up for a range of events. There is the 100 miles, the famous 206 miles, and then they have the crazy option of the unbound XL that is 350 miles. I rode the 206 mile option and this is my story of the Unbound 200.

I walk you through my race and how it played out. I talk about my emotions and mental state more than anything else. The problem with a cycling video for this gravel race is that there is SO MUCH to cover, this video could be 5 hours long and still not cover the entire story line.

Ive got to be super honest here, didnt really want to make this video. Talking about how I failed, AGAIN, is not really something I wanted to share. I also didn't find my flow on the edit and I feel like I failed on the video. But it is what it is and I hope you enjoy my recap of the Unbound 200 from Kansas.

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