RAZOR CLAMS or BAMBOO CLAMS #steam #yummy 09/06/2021 Cristina Ron Channel

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This is a popular dish at seafood restaurants in Hong Kong. It can be made with any of the larger varieties of clam, including bamboo clams (or razor clams) and baby geoduck.
Pre-minced garlic from supermarkets often has an unpleasant metallic taste, so don't use it for this dish, and also resist using a garlic press, because the taste is to strong. Instead, mince the garlic with a sharp knife.
Most of the clams we buy from supermarkets and seafood vendors have been purged of the grit that they ingest. If you harvest the clams yourself, or are worried that they might be gritty, soak the live clams in cold salted water with a bit of cornmeal or flour, and leave them for about an hour. Rinse the clams in fresh water, scrub the shells, then proceed with the recipe.
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