RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under S1 Episode 1 Premiere Reaction

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RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under S1 Episode 1 Premiere Reaction! The first season of Drag Race Down under premiered today May 1st and reacted to the full first episode! The queens are shady and exciting this first season! We are using subtitles this go around to make sure we do not miss anything! The queens had their first mini challenge which was a mini acting challenge! It was funny watching the queens stumble the words in the skit! AND it was even more exciting to see the down under pit crew! Then to the main stage the queens had a ball. They had to walk the runway in 2 different looks. A nude looks and another look to showcase their hometown! The bottom 2 queens were Jojo Zaho and Elektra Shock! And it was a great first lip sync! All in all it was a really good premiere and I cannot believe next week is SNATCH GAME! What did you think? Who had your favorite look?? The queens of season 1 of Drag Race down under are: Anita Wigl'it , Art Simone, Coco Jumbo , Elektra Shock , Etcetera Etcetera , Jojo Zaho , Karen from Finance , Kita Mean , Maxi Shield , Scarlet Adams! Who are your favorites??! We are so excited to do a full reaction to the first episode of Drag race down under! See you on premiere day! #dragracedownunder #rupaul #dragracedownunderep1 #dragrace

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