Satisfying *NO* Recoil Controller Champion - Rainbow Six Siege Xbox (Console) Champion Ranked

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Rainbow Six Siege Console Champion. No recoil controller champion in Rainbow Six Siege console (XBOX/PS4). Controller champion ranked with the BEST sensitivity & settings in Operation Neon Dawn.

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Welcome to my channel where I’m known for playing Rainbow Six Siege console (Xbox) and PC. I specialise in champion ranked gameplay, funny moments and Rainbow Six Siege tips & tricks. Rainbow Six Siege tips showing the best settings and sensitivity, how to get better / how to rank up, as well as the best attachments for all operators. In addition to no recoil guides where I show you how to control recoil across various weapons and how to improve your aim. Enjoy!

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Ebyte Controller Handcam

The BEST Console Settings & Sensitivity (Xbox Champion)

Vertical : 27
Horizontal : 75
Deadzones : 7, 6
ADS : 1x 22, 34, 2x 35, 35, 3x 35, 4x 35, 5x 35, 12x 54

Console Settings:
Dynamic Range : Hi-Fi
Brightness : 60
Controller Rotation : Classic

Setup / Peripherals:
Controller : Scuf Xbox Elite Controller (X & B Paddles)
Headset : Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR (Generation 4)
Monitor : BenQ RL2755T ZOWIE 27-inch Console e-Sports Monitor
Capture Device : Elgato Game Capture HD60 S
Console : Xbox One

Outro Song : NEFFEX - Grateful

Aerjos :
Revolt Robbie :
Truman :
Vulixe :

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