Sega's First Console The SG-1000

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I go over the SG-1000, Sega's first real entry into the home console market. I also look at 24 games from its library and a few of the variants that saw release elsewhere in the world. Please take a moment and read the notes about this episode at the bottom of the description for more info and corrections.

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Episode Notes:

1. Captured via the Mega SG.

2. The SG-1000 had a keyboard accessory that allowed it to use the software for the SC-3000.

3. The Mark III/Master System will play SG-1000 software. The western variants require a cartridge adapter due to form factor differences.

4. Sega's aversion to 3rd party relations continued with the Master System. While Nintendo's methods didn't help the matter any, Sega did not go after license deals the same way. It wasn't until the Genesis/Mega Drive when Sega really sought 3rd party support.

5. Sega's foray into the home console market with the SG-1000 was motivated by the downturn in the arcade industry. As the golden age ended Sega's profits took a heavy blow. Like Nintendo, they believed home games would ultimately come to define the industry.

6. The original video was not recorded properly on the Mega SG. I was using the colors set for the Master System, which made the games look really dark. It was brought up in the comments so I redid some of the footage and re-edited the commentary. These changes affected some of the games quite a bit. Sega Galaga and Choplifter, especially.

7. They say assumptions are the mothers of all f*** ups. I had assumed Telegames was the Sears brand from the 1970/80s, but it appears that it was the Telegames game maker of Lynx/Jaguar fame. The two are unrelated.

8. Compile did a number of SG-1000 games with Sega. Most were tandem projects that Sega published.
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