Skater XL UPDATE | 10 Stat Menu Theories + New Map On Console!

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Hola my dudes! In todays Skater XL Gameplay video we are talking about 10 theories on why Easy Day studios has not implemented a stats menu for PS4 and Xbox. I had some free time and wanted to make a list of all the reasons why Easy Day would choose to openly not have a stats menu on console. So hopefully in the near future this will eventually come but for now all we can do is speculate why.

This is still my favorite skateboarding simulator and best new skate game that I have played since Ea Skate 3. Thats just my opinion. I am rooting for all skateboarding games to do well though. That includes Session and even Skate Bird ... along with other ridiculous titles.

Skater XL also dropped a new map today that we will be skating and checking out. Its pretty spot on and super realistic feeling. I've been having a really good time at it.
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