Southern Pacific 2472 Under Steam For The First Time In 6 Years

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Upon completion of the FRA annual inspection, GGRM was given permission (under the eye of NWP/SMART) to test run the 2472 within the museum's Schellville yard. We put at least 2 miles on it in the 3ish hours we had to run back and forth. Despite a few minor things needing adjustment, she's ready to go at the next running opportunity. Furthermore when asked, the FRA inspectors informed us that we are eligible for an extension of the boiler ticket from June of 2022 to 2023 as long as the proper information is submitted and granted. The engine returning to running order was one of the last big pieces of the puzzle enabling the GGRM to start new operations within the greater Sonoma region.

0:00 Preparation
2:41 Test Running
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