Streets Of Rage Genesis Vs SMS

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For best results view at 1080p60fps. Hey everyone, I'm back! Had to have surgery, but I'm recovering and regular videos will resume as of now. How about kicking things off with an episode of Utterly Pointless Comparisons? See how the Genesis and Sega Master System versions of Streets of Rage compare with this complete playthrough of both versions. Or you might know it better as Bare Knuckle on the Mega Drive vs the Sega Mark III. Whatevz!

Thanks to all who wished me well ahead of my surgery, I appreciate it!

2021 will MORE of the SAME! But better! I think! More hardware, more reviews, more comparisons, more everything! I'll stick to a weekly schedule for the time being, I may add in some streaming of old games and do some other things in my quest to create a completely legit channel here! I'll start begging for money on Patreon and Ko-Fi so you can contribute to buying stuff you want to see reviewed since I don't get anything for free!

I'll do a dedicated video to this, but if you want to get the jump on the main question I'll put to you there, tell me what you want to see on the channel this year! More comparisons? More hardware coverage? Specific hardware like the Odroid Go Advance Super? Sound off in the comments!

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