Students Reject Critical Race Theory After Learning What It's Really About

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Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson went to George Washington University to ask if students knew what Critical Race Theory (CRT) was and if they agreed with some of the basic principles derived from CRT.

When Jacobson asked if students knew what CRT was, all of them said they were unfamiliar with the details of the theory.

Jacobson then went on to describe three basic principles derived from Critical Race Theory:
1. Race is the most important thing about you.
2. Race, rather than merit, should be the main hiring factor.
3. Racism is present in every single interaction.

Students disagreed with all of the statements and admitted that this type of education should not be taught in colleges nor should it be taught to students in K-12 schools.

Jacobson asked students if they believed this was what Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned for the United States of America.

“No,” one student said. “If you fixate on it so much to the point that you see nothing else than the other human being, then obviously that counters the type of activism he was trying to do.”

Watch the full video above to hear more from students on Critical Race Theory.

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