Super Console X Stick Review - How Good Is It?

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Super Console X Stick Review - How Good Is It?
Super Console X Stick Can be purchased below:
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00:00 Intro
01:08 Unboxing
03:45 USB Controllers
04:09 User Interface
07:02 OpenBOR
07:23 Nintendo 64
07:54 SEGA 32X
08:15 SEGA CD
08:39 NEO GEO CD
09:01 Virtual Boy
09:12 Naomi
09:45 Arcade
10:04 Game Boy Advance
10:23 Dreamcast
10:41 Atomiswave
10:59 MAME
11:22 PSP
11:45 PS1
12:05 Who is this for?
12:56 PC Engine
13:10 NEO GEO
13:28 Ports

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