Tesla Model Y - New Console is Here

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Tesla updated the center console in the Tesla Model 3 not that long ago. The China made Tesla Model Y also sported this new console at launch. That left the American made Tesla Model Y as the only one still utilizing the older design in the car.

Both the Tesla Model Y and the Model 3 share the same console footprint, and with the update to the Model 3, we anticipated this making its way to the Model Y very soon.

Well, the wait appears to be over as we are now getting pictures of Model Y's with the updated center console present. This new console is more rugged and less scratch prone. Additionally the phone charging pads no longer close to hide phones and the center door has been updated to a sliding design.

These new updates have been met with both good and bad reception. At the end of the day, this is the new console whether you like it or not.

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