The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8 Breakdown THANK YOU LUCASFILM

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This was a gift for the soul.

I'll post the write up starting from the big scene


Well, it’s not jus an x-wing. It’s Luke skywalker. This meant the world to me. Over 35 thousand of you attended the watch party last night and we all shared a moment together as Star Wars fans that I’ll never forget. Luke Skywalker arrives and makes the dark troopers look like absolutely nothing. He wasn’t even moving fast, it was easy work for a jedi knight like him. Or at this point, a Jedi Master ready to build his roster of students.

We see a cloaked figure walk through the halls, his movements and lightsaber form very much like Luke Skywalker. Luke used a variation of different lightsaber forms. Mainly form iv Ataru which he learned from master Yoda. However when he used his emotions to fight his father on the second Death Star in return of the jedi, he was using more form v, which was Anakin’s lightsaber form. He also learned a bit of form 3, soresu from obi-wan in episode 4. This helps with blocking blaster bolts. There’s a scene here where Luke uses the same move as Anakin against the b-1 battle droid on Mustafar, with the blaster bolt behind the back. Luke comes to the hallway which was a lot like his father against the rebels in rogue one. Grogu just watches the screen amused. Luke dances with his blade, blocking bolts and slicing through the troopers. He uses force pull, force push, and force freeze topped off with force crush. Now this is huge, because force crush was a force power that was a big no no for jedi, however, there was a grey area when using it on droids, or any non living being. Windu and Anakin both used this in the original 2D clone wars back in 2003. Mace uses it on Grievous, which is why he always coughs. And Anakin uses it on Nelvaan against the scientist techno union guy.

The droids and danger has been eliminated by Luke Skywalker. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I won’t get tired of it. Din opens the door and Luke Skywalker steps through the green lit fog by his lightsaber.
Are you a Jedi.
Yes, he says.

As a de aged mark Hamill, just like I wished would happen, stands there, removing his hood.

He reaches out to grogu, and summons the child. Grogu asks permission from Din, and we get a beautiful poetic scene of Din holding the kid and removing his helmet. This echoes Vader removing his helmet to see his son, Luke. As Din stares at the closest thing to a son he has, and tells Grogu to go, and not be afraid.

Grogu is placed on the floor as he finally waddles over to R2-D2, who shakes with excitement, recognizing Grogu from Yoda’s species, but also, a theory that he knows Grogu from the Jedi Temple during the prequels, as we know Grogu was trained as a Jedi at the temple for many years by many masters. He must have known Anakin, or of him at least, as they are the same age.

Luke Grabs Grogu, takes a good look at him, and bids his farewell to everyone. May the force be with you, as Din cries watching them leave. The doors close from afar as R2 stands next to Luke Skywalker holding Grogu. End of season

Until, the end credits scene!

Tatooine. Jabba’s palace. Fennec shand kills gammorean guards as she comes down the steps with Boba to follow a few steps behind. Bib Fortuna sits atop Jabba’s throne. Telling Boba how he had heard rumours of his return. Boba kills him. Big Fortuna was Jabba’s top secretary and right hand man. We see him in return of the Jedi, and I thought he died, but I guess Boba isn’t the only one to return from the dead.
He’s played here by Matthew Wood, who voices General Grievous in the clone wars. Boba walks up, throws his dead corpse off, and takes his rightful place on the throne of the underworld king. Jabba was the law of the underworld. If scum and villainy. Boba now takes that mantle. He and Fennec will now control the galaxy’s underworld at their fingertips. The Book of boba, coming December 2021. This is the big question. Will this be a new show all on it’s own. Having chapters for episodes like the mandalorian. Or will this be what the new mandalorian will be about. Now it’s about the book of Boba. The first two seasons were about Din and the child, and now it’s about Boba for a season or two. I’m inclined to believe it’s two separate shows that we’ll get at the same time. As the mandalorian season 3 comes end of December 2021 as well.

Well, and with that. Star Wars has never been more alive. This episode meant so much to me, seeing Luke return the way he did. I can only imagine where it’ll lead us. I think we’ll see Grogu train with Luke, and become a powerful Jedi, and he’ll eventually reunite Grogu with his species, well before Kylo destroys Luke’s temple. I know a lot of people were asking if Kylo kills Grogu, and I Just can’t see that happening.

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